How to easily write in MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a very popular free and open-source wiki software that powers some of the most visited wikis on the Internet including the Wikipedia. You can also host it in your own environment for your own wiki requirements or for

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Installing Debian Testing

After my previous post about why I chose Debian Testing as my current distribution, I wanted to share how I installed and configured Debian Testing. So that somebody out there looking for a guide to install their own Debian rolling

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My Rolling Debian System

A few weeks back, I switched my home laptop to Debian and I wanted to write about my reasons behind choosing Debian and my experience with it for the first few days. But before I dive into that, here’s a

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VLC Player not playing nice with Radeon?

If you are on Ubuntu 16.04 using radeon open source driver for your graphics card and having issues with playing mp4 or mkv files with VLC media player then read on. If you are not sure what graphics driver is

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Higher Order Functions in Java?

Higher order functions are those functions that can return functions as their results. The returned function can then be invoked in the same way as you would invoke a normal function. In programming languages like Python, where functional programming is

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Inconsistent space width across editors

I had a weird problem today when my perfectly indented code comments from Vi editor were looking like a mess in Geany. The pound signs were all out of line though they look perfectly aligned when opened in Vi editor.

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Opening large JSON files with Geany

A few days back at work I was trying to open a fairly large unformattedĀ (a single line) JSON file generated through one of the junit tests. At first I tried to open it in Eclipse since my Eclipse JEE IDE

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