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How to easily write in MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a very popular free and open-source wiki software that powers some of the most visited wikis on the Internet including the Wikipedia. You can also host it in your own environment for your own wiki requirements or for

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Installing Debian Testing

After my previous post about why I chose Debian Testing as my current distribution, I wanted to share how I installed and configured Debian Testing. So that somebody out there looking for a guide to install their own Debian rolling

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Automatically dim display when switching to battery power on Ubuntu

I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop recently which came with Ubuntu 14.04 preinstalled. Something I noticed with the factory Ubuntu 14.04 image was that some of the settings were tweaked to work better with the laptop. One fine example was

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The Perfect Javascript Editor

Being primarily a Java developer using Eclipse IDE, there are two things I always look for in any IDE – content assist/code completion and syntax checking/highlighting. While the latest version of Eclipse (Neon) has made a lot of improvements over

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SSH into CentOS 7 guest from host machine using VirtualBox

I have mostly used Ubuntu and Debian-based distributions till now which means the other side of the Linux world, where the RHEL based distributions reside is still a grey area to me. Recently I needed to install CentOS server in

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Installing qemu with kvm and virt-manager

I have used Oracle Virtualbox before. It has an easy and intuitive UI, supports all the features I needed and is open-source. But this time I decided to use another widely recognized virtualization solution on Linux, qemu, along with kvm.

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[Solved] Keyboard Shortcuts with Control key not working under Xubuntu/Xfce

Have you ever faced a situation where you are using an IDE like Eclipse that uses a lot of Control + some other key combination shortcuts to do various tasks and you are pretty much used to those shortcuts but

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