How to fix Eclipse IDE flickering issue on Debian

I am using Eclipse IDE (version 2018-12 at the time of writing) on Debian 9 Xfce and the issue with it is that the Eclipse editor windows would flicker around the edges. Sometimes so much so that it’s impossible to type inside it. Here’s how I fixed it:

First check the value of GTK_IM_MODULE in your environment by executing


In my case the output was “xim”. But Eclipse expect it to be “ibus”. So enter the following command in a terminal session to set it to the value.

export GTK_IM_MODULE="ibus"

Now if you launch Eclipse from the same terminal session, you should not experience any flickering issue. If you launch eclipse from a desktop menu entry, then edit the .desktop file and put the following string in the beginning of the Exec command:

env GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus

2 thoughts on “How to fix Eclipse IDE flickering issue on Debian

  1. Hello Subhadip.

    Good solution, but does it really works for you?
    I just can’t setup the Maven installation home because the Eclipse IDE pauses and nothing happens anymore.
    Imagine programming now…

    1. Well the solution here fixed the flickering problem for me at least. I would imagine that the Maven installation problem that you are facing is different from the one mentioned here.
      I understand that Debian can sometime pose a challenge even when you are doing a very simple thing. But the key here is to not give up. 🙂

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