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Opening large JSON files with Geany

A few days back at work I was trying to open a fairly large unformatted (a single line) JSON file generated through one of the junit tests. At first I tried to open it in Eclipse since my Eclipse JEE IDE

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Correct Way of Using EntityManager in Singleton EJB

This week and last week I spent a lot of time writing code to implement the persistence feature for our module with EJB 3 at work. This is the first time I was working with EJB so there was quite

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EntityManager with try-with-resource

try-with-resource is the new feature introduced in Java 1.7 to automatically close a resource after using. It basically helps you to avoid a finally block at the end of the try-catch block to close any resource that needs closing like

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Invoking Python scripts from test cases running within a venv

Before the final release, I like to test my Python scripts the way these are supposed to be invoked in actual environment, usually with command line arguments. And this is apart from the unit testing and integration testing that I

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Automated Package Installation and Configuration Script for Ubuntu

In my last post, I discussed about how I created my first Amazon EC2 instance and ran our Java web server on it. One of the most important things that I have realized over the years is that if you

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My Experience with React: The Hello World

I have been working on a home project these days for which I needed to use a Javascript framework on the UI. But to select a JS framework is a difficult task because there are a overwhelmingly lot to choose

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The Perfect Javascript Editor

Being primarily a Java developer using Eclipse IDE, there are two things I always look for in any IDE – content assist/code completion and syntax checking/highlighting. While the latest version of Eclipse (Neon) has made a lot of improvements over

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