The Perfect Javascript Editor

Being primarily a Java developer using Eclipse IDE, there are two things I always look for in any IDE - content assist/code completion and syntax checking/highlighting. While the latest version of Eclipse (Neon) has made a lot of improvements over the previous versions in terms of the JSDT plugin for Javascript developers, it's far from … Continue reading The Perfect Javascript Editor


Coding with Go – Part 1 : The Workspace Setup

Go (sometimes referred as Golang) is the system programming language from Google which is my new interest these days. Some of my favourite points about Go so far: It's a compiled language and I like compiled languages. To somebody who has used C/C++ and later Java for programming, this should come as no surprise. It … Continue reading Coding with Go – Part 1 : The Workspace Setup

Developing Node.js with Atom Editor

Recently I have been playing with Node.js and for every developer, getting the perfect IDE/Editor and setting up the workspace is very important. Here's how I got my set up ready: I am using Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. So the steps that I am going to share will work in any of the Ubuntu flavours. 1. … Continue reading Developing Node.js with Atom Editor