[Solved] Cheese Webcam Booth not displaying video from Webcam in Ubuntu

I own a Logitech c170 web-cam which has very good Linux support. I bought this web-cam almost 2 years ago and at that time, it worked like a charm on Ubuntu 12.04. I stopped using the web-cam over a year ago and I almost forgot about it. A few days ago, I had an interview on Skype and as my phone front camera does not work well with Skype, I needed to take this one from my Desktop. So I took the web-cam and plugged it in to my computer running Ubuntu 14.04 (yes, I upgraded), launched Cheese (comes pre-installed on Ubuntu 14.04) hoping everything would work just as before. But to my surprise, even though I could take photos using Cheese, I could not see the video stream. Here’s what I did to solve the problem:

I went to Cheese -> Preferences -> Webcam tab and brought down the Photo Resolution and Video Resolution to 640 X 480 and then restarted Cheese and re-plugged in the webcam. And then it started working again!

Cheese Preferences

I thought I would share it with others so that anybody with the same problem will find it easier to fix!

7 thoughts on “[Solved] Cheese Webcam Booth not displaying video from Webcam in Ubuntu

  1. Even at the lowest possible settings, the video is still black. Since one of the updates, it seems the “webcam universal drivers” no longer work and it is impossible to remove and reinstall them. I am fed up of having to reinstall Ubuntu with every problem it develops. Saving up for SSD as HDD are just too cheap and unreliable to last a year then I will get windows to install on it.

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